Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 10 EOC: What Channels are you going to do to get your product noticed?

In order to help get my product noticed, I'll use Facebook ads, affiliates, paid reviews, free prize car  contest, twitter advertisements, and a jingle. The Facebook ads will just have the car and the words "Issa Jeep" under is, just like my billboard. My affiliates will help get the name of the Jeep out there by using their connections. I'll have people on yelp right positive reviews about the product, along with a few critics paid off. Several casino's around the country will have a contest in order to get a free 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The twitter advertisements will have a small description about the car, telling the reader why my product is amazing. Finally, the jingle will be extremely catchy, so throughout random times in the day the person who heard the jingle will continuously sing it.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 9 EOC: Creative Content

My creative content is going to be either a billboard or a radio commercial. If I do a billboard, I will take a billboard already being used and remove the advertisement being used, replacing it with my advertisement. The location will be out in a sunny location, and it will look nice enough to draw most peoples attention whether they are driving or walking. It will also be memorable enough to where everyone will want to buy it. If I do a radio script, I'll just plan out the script and be sure it catches peoples attention while they wait for a song to turn on so everyone wants to buy it.

Week 9 EOC: Art & Copy Key Person

Rollins is best known for his work as National Campaign Director to Ronald Reagan in the 1984 presidential election. Rollins was personally selected for the job by White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker III, who had served as Gerald Ford's manager in 1976. Rollins's deputy and Political Director was Lee Atwater, continuing their teaming from the White House Office of Political Affairs.In 1989, Rollins became the only non-Member of Congress to head the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House Republicans' campaign wing.Rollins's goal was to attract top political talent to turn around a committee that had suffered four disappointing elections. He firmly believed the GOP could achieve the rare feat of gaining House seats while controlling the White House.Rollins worked as the campaign manager for Christine Todd Whitman in her 1993 New Jersey gubernatorial race. After organizing a campaign that led to Whitman's come-from-behind victory, Rollins claimed to TIME magazine that he secretly paid black ministers and Democratic campaign workers in order to suppress voter turnout. "We went into black churches and we basically said to ministers who had endorsed Florio, 'Do you have a special project?' And they said, 'We've already endorsed Florio.' We said, 'That's fine, don't get up on the Sunday pulpit and preach. We know you've endorsed him, but don't get up there and say it's your moral obligation that you go on Tuesday to vote for Jim Florio.'" After public outcry and calls for an investigation, Rollins partially retracted some of these claims telling People magazine (March 31, 1997, Vol. 47, No. 12) that his comments were "an exaggeration that turned out to be inaccurate."

Week 9 EOC: Trends in TV

People are watching television shows and movies on actual televisions much less these days. There are starting to be streaming services which allow people to watch the shows they want, where they want to watch it. Whether its on their phone, tablet, computer, or other mobile device, there are new ways to watch the shows people want to see without owning an actual television. People prefer to binge-watch shows when and where they want to instead of watching one new episode a week on television while having to watch commercials. "In 2015, Netflix accounted for about half of the overall 3% decline in TV viewing time among U.S. audiences, according to a new study by Michael Nathanson of MoffettNathanson. The analyst calculated that based on an estimate that Netflix’s domestic subs streamed 29 billion hours of video last year (Netflix said members worldwide watched 42.5 billion hours in 2015). That would represent 6% of total American live-plus-7 TV viewing reported by Nielsen (up from 4.4% in 2014)." People are also watching television less in general, as there are other things that they prefer to do. "The number of people watching TV is falling off a cliff" Then there are also apps like YouTube, and even just phone camera's, that allow people to create their own videos and shows. Watching yourself is another trend among people in the United States.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 8 EOC: Slogan Fonts

Week 8 EOC: Oscars vs SuperBowl

The ads in the SuperBowl were more focused on making friendships then the Oscars were. They were also more focused on making friendships. The SuperBowl had more fun with its advertisements than the Oscars did. The Oscars were more sophisticated than the SuperBowl ads, to contribute to its more sophisticated setting. They were more about being responsible than being reckless, more mature that being childish. They were focused on a lot of movies, with clips from movies being supported in some advertisements. They did both, however, have advertisements that sent strong political messages to the people in Office and the citizens of our country. They also had some of the same companies making advertisements, some were just more civilized than others. The Superbowl ads were meant to entertain, and so they had a lot of humor in them. The Oscar ads were meant to be more creative and informative. They both had a lot of time put into making the advertisements, and the advertisements were selected just for the venue. The Oscars make you think and feel more, while the SuperBowl commercials are just meant to deliver a good time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Analysis of Project in the Real World

The Jeep is a vehicle and brand that everybody can relate to. It is one of those brands that everybody has heard about, and everybody has most likely made a memory in a Jeep. The name of the brand is going to do a lot towards helping to promote this car. Another thing is how it can adapt to any terrain."Living in a snow prone area I have had my share of getting stuck in the snow with other vehicles. But with this jeep it's nearly impossible." The Jeep is about doing what you want, when you want, how you want. The Jeep is about having the freedom to be yourself wherever you want. "The Jeep has always been about go-anywhere capabilities, and its civilian ancestors have perpetuated and amplified that fundamental trait." You are free to drive however you want and go wherever you want to go. In a time that Trump is the president, a lot of people are going to want more feelings of freedom. "The 2017 Jeep Wrangler is a unique off-roader bolstered by the freedom of open air driving." The Jeep can bring whoever you want into the car with you. It fulfills every need in every situation, and is the perfect car for almost everybody."The two-door Wrangler seats four people, and the four-door Wrangler Unlimited seats five. The two-door Wrangler is the only vehicle in the class that seats less than five, though it's also the only two-door compact SUV."